Bioline Organic Shampoo


Bioline Shampoo is designed for dry and damaged hair, gently cleans the hair without attacking the hair fiber. Its formula with Keratin, Collagen and Argan Oil, promotes complete repair, improves flexibility and suppleness of the threads, providing healthy hair with silky touch and shine. Does not contain salt *.

Product Description

How to use: Apply on wet hair and wash the first time slightly to remove any residues that oppose the formation of the foam. Rinse and reapply the shampoo by massaging the scalp gently until it forms a rich, creamy lather. Slide the foam to the ends. Rinse and condition the following.

Precautions: External Use. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of allergy to any of the components of the formula, discontinue use.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg