Blond OX 40


Gently scented oxidizing cream emulsion containing hydrogen peroxide indicated to activate the oxidizing coloring and decolorizing powder. Its creaminess and consistency facilitate mixing with the mass of the coloring and the dispersion of the decolorizing powder and should be used in the proportion indicated in the manner of using both the oxidizing coloring and the decolorizing powder. It gives protection and simultaneous cosmetic treatment of hydration and emolliency while enhancing the action of coloring and bleaching. Formula enriched with Wheat Protein and Collagen Protein that provide the hair with greater strength, flexibility and softness.


Product Description

How to Use: In a non-metallic container follow the recommended dosage in the coloring or the decolorizing powder.

Caution: External Use. WATCH OUT! Contains Hydrogen Peroxide. Contains substances that may cause irritation to the skin of certain people. Before using, perform the touch test. Wear suitable gloves; Avoid contact with eyes, but if this occurs rinse immediately with plenty of water. Avoid inhalation of the product and do not apply it near the eyes and mouth. May cause allergic reaction. Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows. Do not apply if the scalp is irritated or injured. Keep out of the reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant women. Do not use on children. For professional use only. Store in a cool place, protected from light and always in a vertical position. Do not reuse the packaging.

Touch Proof: Prepare a small amount of the product as if it were to be used. Apply a small amount on the forearm or behind the ear. Let it acts for 30 minutes. Wash the place. If skin irritation, redness, itching, or burning in the vicinity or in the vicinity of the skin develops within 24 hours, the person’s hypersensitivity to the product will be demonstrated and should not be used.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg