A global vocationed company
inspired by you!

We are entrepreneurs by nature. Our relentless pursuit of technology and innovation in the development of our products reveals the passion we feel for the well being of our consumers. This is not just a specific or isolated goal, guided by market momentary aspirations. No! This is what in fact we are!

And from the very first steps we took to the market untill consolidate our global brand, you have been our inspiration! It is the possibility of realizing your full happiness that challenges us, motivates and makes us to move beyond any expectation. The SPHAIR exists only because you inspire our best!


The entrepreneurial spirit of Cristiane Cintra impels her to sell professional cosmetics in local beauty shops of the state capital.


The volume of sales increased substantially, and Cristiane decides to open up a distributor of beauty products.


Aware of the e-commerce potential, Cristiane Cintra got her first virtual store, starting online sales operations.


To further boost sales of online operation, Christiane starts a blog with beauty tips, hair and commercial opportunities for resellers segment.


SPHair Cosmetics brand officially born with Perfect Rose Brazilian Blowout and Home Care Kit


The new brand is consolidated in the market and already has 19 new products for hair divided into 11 segmented lines.


The brand starts its international expansion exporting its products to some Asian countries.


SPHAIR further consolidates its presence in the international market and begins to export its products to some African countries.


After consolidating its first distributors in the US and Canada, the company decides to begin the process of upgrading its global brand and all product lines, aligning the global market quality standards.

And the years of this story we are writing from what we undertake today!


With its consolidated position in over 20 countries worldwide, the company kicks off its entry process in Brazil, attending myriad of events in both the fields of cosmetics and beauty.
Moreover, the next years of this history, we are already writing from what we are undertaking today!


After a productive year, of worldwide and national growth, it was the turn of SPHAIR Cosmetics reinforce its presence in the digital field. Firstly, we renewed our visual identity, all the packages received a brand-new design, and after that, we bet on delightful Campaigns across the globe.


They conquer the world
because they are inspired by you!


Develop, create and deliver cosmetic products aimed at full happiness and the fulfillment of our customers worldwide


Cristiane Cintra, Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurship is part of the nature of Cristiane Cintra. In love with the freedom that the power to make conquests, decided to start her own business when felt trapped in a job that gave her no great expectations for the future.

Inspired by her mother of history, hairdresser, started reselling cosmetics for beatuty shops of the state capital. It was that experience, among many others, that brought her the necessary know-how for product development of professional SPHAIR line. Owner of a unique interest in her clients daily, took from their needs makeup an agenda for her products, responding precisely to a large market demand.

Since then, the relentless search for the best cosmetic technology and constant innovation culture have become a trademark of Cristiane Cintra and her entire research and development team. Their energy and inexhaustible motivation comes from the passion they feel for the full happiness of customers.

Cristiane lives in São Paulo, Brazil, where runs alongside Rogério Duarte the global expansion of SPHAIR Cosmetics operations.



The history of SPHAIR is filled by chapters from the history of dozens of entrepreneurs who saw in our products the ideal opportunity to establish, consolidate or expand their operations in the market. Learn how you can also write a new chapter in this story. Become a SPHAIR distributor in your country.